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Currently, everyone can contribute to the FaceX dataset by simply uploading your own hand-drawing sketches. Extraordinary contributors (submitted over 100 sketches) will be acknowledged on our website. To make a contribution, please read the following instructions:

1 Sketching Facial Expressions

A complete set of facial expressions will contain seven fundamental types of emotions (neutral, angry, disgusted, fearful, happy, sad, and surprised), for both male and female, in both front and side perspective, and in all three styles (abstract, cartoon, realistic). Each expression is a combination of the sketches of two eyebrows & eyes, a nose, and a mouth. To sketch a facial expression, one needs to draw each of these facial elements separately as shown in the following example.

2 Format

All the sketches of the facial elements should be stored separately in a SVG file named as follows:

"[eyebrows|eyes|nose|mouth] _ [male|female] _ [front|side] _ [neutral|angry|disgusted|fearful|happy|sad|surprised] _ [abstract|cartoon|realistic] _ ID.svg",

For example:

Please packing into a zip file (with an arbitrary name) before uploading multiple SVG files.

3 Single File is Acceptable

Although sketching a complete set of facial expressions is appreciated, one still can make a contribution by just simply uploading a single SVG file of, for example, a pair of eyes or a mouth, named in the aforementioned format.

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