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Content usage rights

The content published by users on FaceX only indicates their personal position and opinions, and does not represent the position or opinion of iDVx Lab. As a content publisher, you are responsible for the content you publish. Because of all the disputes arising from the content published, the publisher of the content bears full legal responsibility and joint responsibility, iDVx Lab does not assume any legal responsibility and joint responsibility. When a user posts content that infringes on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others, FaceX has the right but not the obligation to delete it and retain the right to be transferred to the judiciary. FaceX does not assume any legal responsibility or joint liability, whether deleted or consulted by the judiciary.

Users may not upload information that violates national legal systems, including but not limited to the following:

The user promises to make speeches: patriotism, law-abiding, self-discipline, truth, and civilization. Do not disseminate any illegal, harassing, slanderous, insulting, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene, endangering national security, revealing state secrets, undermining national religious policies and national unity. And other content that violates laws, regulations and policies.

Privacy Policy

By uploading the dataset, you consent to the legal collection and use of technical or diagnostic information about you and the services you use by iDVx Lab. This dataset collected will be used to improve the content and technology of AI-Skecther products.

iDVx Lab does not offer or sell your information and content to other organizations or individuals, with the following exceptions:

Improvement and modification of the terms of service

iDVx Lab has the right to improve and modify the iDVx Lab Terms of Service from time to time in accordance with the development of the Internet and changes in relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. iDVx Lab reserves the right to modify the terms of service at any time. Users are required to carefully read and re-confirm the latest iDVx Lab Terms of Service when using iDVx Lab's services. In the event of dispute, the latest terms of service will prevail.

Contact us

You are welcome to comment on our Terms of Service. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send an email to support@idvxlab.com. This email address may be updated from time to time as part of these Terms of Service.

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